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We started Critter Blocker in 2017 as an Amazon only product.
Our goal was to take everything people liked about current nets and improve upon those items while removing and changing things that people didn't like about existing mosquito nets.

The end result is a product like  none of the others. 

We like to think it is by far the best mosquito net on the market.

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Critter Blocker is a mosquito net which has been manufactured for sale on Amazon. You can purchase here


We advertise this as a "Universal" Mosquito Net.
The net can be used indoors or outdoors. The packaging was designed with travel and camping in mind so when you want to pack it down from your house, you can put it back into this carrier and take it on the road.

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World standards for nets advise that you can go as small as you want for holes in mesh size to keep out insects. However, it is strongly suggested that the maximum holes per square inch is kept no smaller than 250. Our nets have 250 holes per sq inch to keep out the tiniest critters while also allowing for air flow.

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Relax, we've got your back.

The nets were specifically designed to work with baby cots and sizing all the way up to Queen size beds.

Just tuck the excess under your mattress.

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